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N-SD2000 Y

The N-SD2000 Software Decoder is designed for use in a Windows PC. It permits simultaneous monitoring of up to four from live images of TOA network color cameras, network combination dome cameras and network video transmitters or from recorded images of network digital recorders, which are all connected to LAN. Audio signals can also be transmitted and received.


Required Personal
PC/AT compatible
Requirements CPU: Pentium 4, 3 GHz or higher, Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB or more
Display adapter: XGA (1024 × 768 pixels), Recommended: Intel Chipset
Usable on DirectX 9.0a or later
Sound controller: Usable on DirectX 9.0a or later
Network adapter: 100 BASE-TX or higher
OS Windows XP Professional (32-bit edition)
Media CD-ROM
Function Establishment of connections to TOA network color camera, network
combination dome camera and network video transmitter
Connection of live image: Manual, 24-hour, simultaneousness with
4ch (group), sequence, streaming, Alarm
Connection of audio: Live, bidirectional, PTT, simultaneousness with 4ch
Establishment of connection to TOA network digital video recorder
Playback, search and export of recorded data (images only)
Screen display
Full screen, selection of 1 segment or 4 segment split screen
Network device control
Display of input/output contact state
Control of output contact
Control of TOA digital video recorder, multiplexer and combination dome camera
Controllable device
Combination dome camera: C-CC514, C-CC564/574, C-CC714, C-CC764,
(Pointview possible) C-CC774
Combination dome camera: C-CC551/554(*1), C-CC501/504(*1)
(Pointview impossible)
Digital video recorder: C-DR161/091 series
Multiplexer: C-MS161/91 series
Remote controller: C-RM100, C-RM700, C-RM500(*1)
Serial bridge
Menu control of network color camera
Other functions
Automatic detection, restart, setting change, LED flashing, and display
of the number of units for the network-connected devices, Operation
warning display, Registration and deletion of the connected devices,
and export of equipment list data (compatible with the N-SD0160),
Parameter settings, Connection and disconnection between the network
video receiver and each of network color cameras, network combination
cameras and network video transmitters, Global cutoff, Motion detection
settings, Snapshots, Digital zoom, Stillness, Access restriction, System
log storage, Operation log storage, Firmware upload, Configuration file
upload/download, Automatic restart


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